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WILLIAM R. TERRY, Master Chief Musician, USN (Ret.)

Associate Conductor

William R. Terry, Master Chief Musician, USN (Ret.) is a native of Glens Falls, NY and began playing the clarinet in the fifth grade. For 55 years he has been a professional clarinetist, music educator and conductor.

Mr. Terry began his 30-year career as a Navy Musician in 1966 with the position of staff instructor at the Armed Forces School of Music in Little Creek, VA. As part of his duties, Mr. Terry wrote a conducting curriculum and taught the Refresher, Intermediate, and Advanced Band Leader Conducting Courses for Army, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel. He also founded the School of Music Student Wind Ensemble, which performed quarterly concerts.

In 1977 Mr. Terry was transferred to the United States Navy Band in Washington, DC as a clarinet instrumentalist in the Concert and Ceremonial bands. For 18 years he was the Senior Enlisted Conductor for both of those units. He served five Officer-in-Charge/Leaders and produced several recordings of the Navy Band. After retirement from the Navy in 1996 he established the Director of Admissions and Job Placement Departments at the Omega Studios School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences in Rockville, Maryland and served in those positions until retirement in 2009. In retirement, Mr. Terry remains an adjunct professor with Omega Studios School teaching Music Theory and Career Skills, and a recording studio musician at Omega Studios.

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