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The Board of Directors of The National Concert Band of America (a 501c3 organization) consists of nine members elected from the general membership of the band who have full voting status, and two ex-efficio members. The nine elected members serve three-year terms, with three members elected each year. These elected members may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms, yet can be elected again after at least a one-year absence from the Board. The Musical Director and Associate Conductor are ex-efficio members of the Board.

President: Rob Ross
Vice President: Tim Smith
Secretary: Brian McDonald
Treasurer: Rick Whittenberger
Member-at-Large: Sarah Gale
Member-at-Large: Susan Dexter
Member-at-Large: Lisa Eckstein
Member-at-Large: Gary Moore
Member-at-Large: Dan Rigby
Musical Director (ex-officio): Mark V. Deal
Associate Conductor (ex-officio): William Terry


Questions to any of the above officers, preferably in their designated roles, can be accomplished by using the following e-mail address:

In the “Subject” sector of the e-mail please indicate from the listing above the particular Board member you are addressing your question to.

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